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iPhones are premium smartphone devices providing extensive features, which makes them a preferable device among millions. While it stands among the best of the best, iPhones can counter multiple software issues. Although you try to resolve them with generic solutions, it makes things worse. If your iOS device is not restoring through simple means, it needs advanced remedies.

This article will introduce the DFU mode and how it helps iOS devices get back on track. However, the discussion is specific to the iPhone 8 DFU mode. To know more about how it operates, look through the article for a better understanding.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (2)

  • Part 1: What is DFU Mode for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus?
  • Part 2: Does DFU Mode Erase My Data?
  • Part 3: How to Enter and Exit DFU Mode on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus?
  • Part 4: iPhone 8/8 Plus Stuck in DFU Mode? How to Fix?

Part 1: What is DFU Mode for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus?

DFU mode stands for the short form of Device Firmware Update, which defines the state of the iOS device that puts it back in order. If your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus faces multiple issues, it can be put in DFU mode to discover a remedy. It operates similarly to the BIOS on Windows devices and Recovery Mode on a Mac.

As it takes the users below the levels of operating systems, it gives the user control over changing the software dynamics of the iOS device. While shifting to the mode does not change anything for the device, performing specific tasks while in the DFU mode might cost data loss.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (3)

Why Do You Need to Go Into DFU Mode?

What if you are confused about why DFU iPhone is required in the first place? If it is the case, we have outlined some important reasons for opting for the DFU mode for your iOS device:

  • It proves effective for upgrading the firmware of an iOS device when other methods are not helping out.
  • As it bypasses the normal boot process, you can install new firmware into an unresponsive iOS device.
  • Devices that are stuck in a boot loop or other software problems can be restored by putting them into DFU mode.
  • If you are comfortable jailbreaking your iOS device, you can install custom firmware into it with the help of iTunes after putting it in DFU mode.
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Part 2: Does DFU Mode Erase My Data?

For users who intend to put iPhone 8 in DFU mode, they need to be aware of a few essential pointers. While trying to restore devices in DFU mode, the data within them will erase completely. If you intend to try using DFU mode on your iPhone 8, keep note that it will erase all the data in it. For that, it is best to keep a backup of all the data that is contained within the iOS device.

Conversely, if the iPhone is physically damaged, it will get unstable if you try restoring it with the DFU mode. Be sure about your iOS device before you enter the DFU mode for its restoration.

Part 3: How to Enter and Exit DFU Mode on iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus?

Once you have learned about the DFU mode in specific, it is time to figure out how it processes. In this part, we will be working on how to enter and exit the iPhone 8 DFU mode easily. Look through the provided steps to know more about the process for its successful execution:

Entering the DFU Mode

Step 1: Turn off your iPhone device and continue to connect it to your desktop. Launch iTunes if you are using a Windows device, or open Finder if you have a Mac.

Step 2: Start the process by holding the "Side" button for three seconds. Continue to keep holding it and start pressing the "Volume Down" button. Hold both buttons for ten seconds and release the "Side" button after it.

Step 3: Continue to hold the "Volume Down" button for another five seconds and release it. If your iPhone 8 enters the DFU mode successfully, iTunes or Finder will display a notification while the screen remains blank.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (4)

Exiting the DFU Mode

Step 1: If you try to exit the DFU mode from your iPhone 8 after processing it, press the "Volume Up" button. Continue to press the "Volume Down" button following this.

Step 2: After that, hold the "Power" button on the side until the device starts to reboot.

(Video) How to Exit DFU Mode for iPhone 8 and Above

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (5)

Part 4: iPhone 8/8 Plus Stuck in DFU Mode? How to Fix?

Is your iPhone 8/8 Plus stuck in DFU mode while trying? If that is the case, there are some fixes that can be tried before you roll back to an expensive remedy. Trying these solutions might save you the heed of going to the stores for a resolution.

1. Why Do iPhones Get Stuck in DFU Mode?

There are multiple reasons involving the iPhone getting stuck in DFU mode. These reasons will help you determine which solution will fit more impressively in the type of problem your device is in:

  • There can be an interruption in the firmware update that has caused it to fail. When it fails, the device gets stuck in DFU mode.
  • Your device might have been compromised by a software bug that can make it stick within the DFU mode.
  • If you tried using the wrong button combination within the DFU mode, there is a possibility that it might get stuck within the mode.
  • A hardware issue can cause such complications with your iOS device.

2. How to Fix iPhone 8/8 Plus Stuck on DFU Mode?

There are multiple solutions that you can seek as a remedy for iPhone 8 stuck in DFU mode. Study these solutions carefully to find a perfect fit for a stuck DFU mode iPhone 8 device:

Method 1: Force Restart to Get Out of DFU Mode

The first thing that can be tried to resolve the issue of stuck DFU mode in iPhone 8 is force restarting the device. Doing so will help you get it out of the DFU mode. To process it, follow the steps prescribed below for executing the force restart:

Step 1: Start by pressing the "Volume Up" button and continue to press the "Volume Down" button.

Step 2: After pressing and releasing both buttons, continue to press and hold the "Power" button on the side of your iPhone 8/8 Plus. Once the Apple logo appears, leave the button to force restart the device successfully.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (6)

Method 2: Restore Your iPhone 8/8 Plus with iTunes or Finder (Data Loss)

The next thing that can be done while staying in the DFU mode is restoring the iOS device. While this is the process that will lead to data loss, it is inevitable to resolve your iPhone's status. To perform the procedure, look through the steps focused below:

For Finder

Step 1: As you are present in Finder, select your "iPhone" from the left panel and continue into the "General" tab within the window.

Step 2: Once the list of options appears on the window, continue to select the "Restore iPhone" option to restore the device successfully.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (7)

For iTunes

Step 1: With the device connected, select the "Device" button on the top left and continue to the "Summary section.

(Video) How to get out of DFU/Recovery Mode

Step 2: As you find yourselves on the next screen, select the "Restore iPhone" option in the list and follow the instructions to restore the device successfully.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (8)

Important: Macs running macOS Catalina and later will use Finder. PCs and Macs running macOS Mojave or earlier will need iTunes.

Method 3: Repair With a Third-Party Recovery Software (Without Data Loss)

For some reason, if you cannot recover your device from the stuck DFU mode, it is best to have an option that can prove helpful in all ways possible. Wondershare Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) is the ultimate remedy for repairing your iOS device. Those who have their iPhone 8/8 Plus stuck in DFU mode can efficiently resolve it.

Try It Free Try It Free

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (9)safe & secure

System Repair (iOS) associates hundreds of other errors with remedy. With it being a fast and straightforward solution, it does not require knowledge to be utilized properly. To know more about System Repair (iOS) and how it functions, look through the comprehensive feature set below:

  • It easily resolves iPhone errors such as the white screen of death, frozen iPhones, and other problems.
  • This particular fix does not delete the data and keeps it intact after the conclusion of the process.
  • You can easily upgrade or downgrade your iOS device without using iTunes.

The following steps explain the process of repairing the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with System Repair (iOS):

Step 1: Open System Repair

You must download and install Wondershare Dr.Fone on your computer and launch it. As it launches, continue to the "System Repair" section in the list.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (10)

Step 2: Select the iOS epair Option

Select "iOS" from the next screen and find yourselves in a list of repair options. Proceed into the "iOS Repair" option to exit the DFU mode. As you are on the next screen, select the "Repair Now" option.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (11)

Step 3: Downloading Firmware Package

(Video) iPhone & iPad - How to Get Out of Recovery Mode (NO DATA LOSS)

As the device is set into the Recovery Mode, you will see the list of different iOS firmware on the next window. To install any one of them, click "Download" to initiate the process.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (12)

Step 4: Get the Device Out of DFU Mode

After the iOS firmware is verified, click on the "Fix Now" button to start the iOS system recovery process. The repair process is shown on the progress bar on the next screen. Wait for about 15 minutes, and you will successfully fix your iPhone 8/8Plus that is stuck in DFU mode stuck.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (13)

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[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (14)safe & secure

Method 4: Contact iPhone Repair & Service from Apple Support

If you still have issues with your iPhone 8 DFU Mode, the best thing to do is contact the Apple Support Center. Since it can be a hardware problem with your device, it is best to approach them for a remedy.

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (15)


This article has provided a comprehensive overview of how a user can utilize the DFU mode on iPhone 8. We hope you have figured out how to enter and exit the iPhone 8 DFU Mode. Also, if you have been facing problems of being stuck in DFU mode, look through Dr.Fone - System Repair (iOS) as the absolute solution to your problem.

Try It Free Try It Free

[Fixed] How to Enter & Exit DFU Mode On iPhone 8 Series?- Dr.Fone (16)safe & secure

(Video) DFU MODE in iPhone X - Enter & Quit DFU Mode

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How do I put my iPhone 8 into DFU mode? ›

How to get into DFU Mode on iPhone 8/8 Plus/X
  1. Connect your iPhone 8/8 Plus/X to a computer using a USB cable.
  2. Quick-press the Volume Up button.
  3. Quick-press the Volume Down button.
  4. Hold down the Side button until the screen goes black, then hold down both the Side button and Volume Down button.
Nov 30, 2022

How do I get out of DFU mode on iPhone 8? ›

Exiting DFU Mode

For iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X: quick-press the Volume Up button, then quick-press the Volume Down button, then hold down the Side button until the device reboots.

How can I fix my iPhone in DFU mode? ›

Method 1. Exit DFU Mode with iTunes
  1. While your iPhone is still in DFU mode, connect it to your computer and launch iTunes.
  2. Press and hold down Home and Power keys for about ten seconds. Then, release both keys.
  3. Press the Power button and your iPhone will reboot.
Jan 6, 2023

How do I put my iPhone 8 in DFU mode without a computer? ›

iPhone 8 and later with Face ID : Quickly press and release the Volume Up button > Quickly press and release the Volume Down button > Press and hold the Side button until the recovery mode screen appears.

How do I factory reset my iPhone 8 with buttons? ›

How to hard reset an iPhone 8 and later
  1. Press and quickly release the volume-up button (upper left).
  2. Press and quickly release the volume-down button (lower left).
  3. Then, press and hold the side button (right).
  4. Release the side button when the Apple logo appears on the screen.
Oct 1, 2021

How do I restore my iPhone in DFU mode without iTunes? ›

Reset iPhone Without iTunes
  1. Open your iPhone, tap Settings > General > Transfer or Reset.
  2. Choose Erase All Content and Settings to erase all the data and factory reset your iPhone.
  3. Wait for the resetting on iPhone to be finished.
Dec 15, 2022

Does DFU mode erase iPhone? ›

It completely erases your iPhone, erasing all of your videos, photos, messages, apps, and even the previously configured settings. When you're finished with this mode, you'll have to reset your device to use it. We recommend backing up your files before entering DFU mode, then restoring them after the process.

How do I put my iPhone in DFU mode if my home button is broken? ›

  1. Make sure the device is sufficiently charged, then power it off.
  2. Disassemble the device so that you can access the mainboard. ...
  3. Connect the USB cable to the device. ...
  4. Use the wire to connect both marked pins. ...
  5. The screen should stay black and the computer should recognise the device in DFU mode.
Sep 20, 2021

How do I put my iPhone in DFU mode when the Apple logo is stuck? ›

If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo
  1. iPhone 8 and later: Press and release the Volume Up button. ...
  2. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold both the Volume Down button and the Sleep/Wake button. ...
  3. iPhone 6s and earlier: Press and hold both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button.
Sep 20, 2021

How to enter recovery mode? ›

Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons together for a few seconds, and let go when you see a triangle with an exclamation point in it on screen. Use the Volume Down button to cycle through the options until you find Recovery mode and press the Power button to load it.

Is DFU mode the same as recovery mode? ›

When the device is in DFU mode the screen will be completely black but the device will still be powered. On the other hand, the recovery mode represents a way to revive an iPhone that has stopped working due to a system issue.

How do I restore my iPhone to factory settings? ›

Go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone. Do one of the following: Prepare your content and settings to transfer to a new iPhone: Tap Get Started, then follow the onscreen instructions. When you finish, return to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone, then tap Erase All Content and Settings.

How to reset iPhone to factory settings? ›

Erase your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and restore it to factory settings
  1. Go to Settings > General > Reset, then tap Erase all Contents and Settings.
  2. Enter your passcode or Apple ID password.
  3. Wait for all content to be safely removed from your device.
Oct 24, 2022

How do I reset my iPhone firmware? ›

What is a Device Firmware Reset?
  1. Connect the device to an AC power adapter. ...
  2. Press and hold the following two buttons together for 15 seconds, then release the Sleep/Wake button. ...
  3. Continue to hold the following button for 20 seconds: ...
  4. Leave the device connected to the charger for five minutes.
Jan 2, 2017

How do you do a hard reset on an iPhone 8? ›

Press and quickly release the volume up button. Press and quickly release the volume down button. Press and hold the side button. When the Apple logo appears, release the side button.

Can you restore iPhone without iTunes? ›

Here's how to restore selected data to iPhone without iTunes: Open CopyTrans Shelbee and connect your iPhone. Click on Custom restore. Click on the green pencil icon to select which backup you want to restore your data from.

Does DFU remove Apple ID? ›

DFU mode will indeed wipe the device, but as long as that device is still listed under someone else's iCloud account, then it will remain activation locked even after being erased in iTunes with DFU mode.

Does DFU remove activation lock? ›

The Apple ID password will be required even if they try to reset the device via DFU mode which can reset the passcode but will not be able to remove Activation Lock.

Can you DFU an iPhone without a computer? ›

You can easily enter DFU Mode with the iPhone connected with the USB cable to the Wall Charger. So technically you don't need a computer to enter DFU Mode. But this still is external hardware as you suggested.

What is the difference between iOS recovery mode and DFU? ›

In a word, the DFU Mode differs from Recovery Mode in that it bypasses the iBoot bootloader on your iDevices. This is the major difference between the Recovery Mode and the DFU Mode. The iPhone's Recovery mode, on the other hand, uses iBoot to restore or upgrade the device.

Why is my iPhone stuck on the Apple logo even after hard reset? ›

If the hard reset doesn't work, it's possible that your phone may have been in the middle of an update and been interrupted, or that for another reason, reinstalling your IOS can get things back on track. To do this, you need a computer with iTunes installed on it, as well as a USB cable to connect your iPhone.

Why is my iPhone stuck on the Apple logo and won't turn on? ›

Press and hold both the Home button and the side button or the top button until you see the Apple logo. If your phone doesn't turn on, follow these steps to check your hardware and charge your phone. You might need to charge for up to an hour. If your phone still doesn't turn on, contact Apple Support.

What key do I press to enter recovery mode? ›

Select Start, Power, and then press and hold Shift key while clicking Restart. Select Start, Settings, Update, and Security, Recovery. Under Advanced startup, click Restart now.

How do I force my phone out of recovery mode? ›

And, to exit recovery mode:
  1. Press the Volume keys to locate the option Reboot system now in the recovery mode.
  2. Use the Power button to confirm the option.
  3. Your phone will reboot and be in normal mode.
Sep 27, 2022

How do I fix recovery mode not working? ›

Step 1: Press the Volume Down button to go to the wipe data/factory reset option. Step 2: Press the Power button to choose the option and start the process. Step 3: Upon the completion of the process, your device will reboot normally, and set it up again to use your device just like you use it normally.

Why is DFU mode so hard? ›

DFU Mode is hard to enter, requiring convoluted sequences of button presses to enter. Even when you reach DFU Mode, the screen remains blank. Unlike recovery mode, which can be updated with a software update, DFU is burned into the hardware, and cannot be altered. But it's a powerful tool.

How long does iPhone stay in dfu mode? ›

An iPhone can stay in recovery mode for about fifteen minutes. After that, if no actions are performed, it will exit the recovery mode.

Will recovery mode erase everything? ›

But many people will ask: Does Recovery mode delete everything? The answer is: Entering Android Recovery will never delete everything on the device. But, Android Recovery has an option that enables you to delete everything and reset the device to factory settings.

What is DFU mode on iPhone? ›

What exactly is DFU mode? Device Firmware Update is a mode that an iPhone or iPad can be put in to get your device back into working order. DFU is very similar to the BIOS on Windows computers or Recovery Mode on a Mac. This mode is available 'below' the operating system level.

How do I know my iPhone is in DFU mode? ›

Release the Sleep/Power button, but continue to hold the Home Button (or Volume down button on an iPhone 7 or newer) for 5 seconds. If the iTunes logo and message appear, you held the button for too long and need to start again. If the device screen is black, it's in DFU Mode.

What is the difference between recovery mode and DFU mode on iPhone? ›

The Difference Between Recovery Mode and DFU Mode

The main difference between the Recovery mode and DFU mode rests in iBoot. Recovery mode uses iBoot during restoring or upgrading your iPhone while DFU mode bypasses the iBoot so you can downgrade the current firmware because there is no iBoot agent during the DFU mode.


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